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3D Penalty Football World Champ app for iPhone and iPad

4.5 ( 3655 ratings )
Sports Games Arcade Sports
Developer: Bravo
1.99 USD
Current version: 1.4, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 04 Apr 2009
App size: 17.84 Mb

Now Mobility Games brings the tension and excitement of fooball’s Penalty Shoot-Out to the iPhone. You represent your nation against the cream of world football and have to beat the keeper and take your team to glory in the World Championship Final.

Outstanding 3D graphics and realistic game physics combined with the excitement of competing against the game or against your friends in 2-player mode make this a must have for football-loving iPhone and iPod Touch owners.

Original music and authentic stadium atmosphere make Penalty World Champ a complete experience that brings the excitement of football’s most dramatic moments to the iPhone for the first time.


- Choose from 32 national teams

- Enhanced physics to control shots

- 1 player arcade and 2 player competition modes

- Realistic 3D environment

- Tournament progression

Remember, this is just the start. Look for more sports applications from Mobility Games hitting the app store in the very near future. The game has begun. It’s time to MAKE A DECISION.

For players, thats enjoy 3D football experience like Real Football, FIFA, PES, Pro Evolution Soccer...

Pros and cons of 3D Penalty Football World Champ app for iPhone and iPad

3D Penalty Football World Champ app good for

I love this game but update please! Ex:you can add online wi-fi with ranking season and elimatoire ! You can update the ranking in the world cup after each game show mee the ranking of my group and the other group in knock-out round please show mee the result of all the macth and add a 3rd place macth but nice game please make the update thank!!
If your a soccer fan you´d def. love this game its pretty tight and well designed. The controls are smooth and graphics simple, the game itself is addicting as hell and I don´t know if that other person that trashed the game was mentally challenged or just one of those stupid competitor developers or something but this game really is sweet and i recommend you check it out.
super cool, still havent reached the final yet but its a great game . 1 star minus b/c of the weird landscape orientation when played on an ipotch (ipod touch)
I saw this app on the front page of the app store and have been looking for a good soccer app for a long time....although the controls take a little getting used to and it´d be nice for a save and pause feature which i expect in the update, this game is pretty sick. This is a lot better than all the other soccer apps i´ve downloaded and just happy to finally have a fun addicting one on my and worth the money.
Saw this game is 30 in the UK store and all the rest of europe and if anyone knows soccer apps i´d think it´d be europe and after a download i see why, this game is really cool and pretty tough too i still haven´t reached the finals and have been playing for a couple days now. The graphics and music are tight and they have all the world cup teams. I wish you could save but other than that i love the app and can´t wait for the update.
The controls for kicking the ball are hard to get used to and could be designed better but the graphics and sounds are really professional and i love this game. First soccer app to actually be worth buying

Some bad moments

Lousy controls,graphics are ok,needs update now to fix the controls.Dont waste your $$ now.Wait until the update is done and controls are fixed.After the update the controls still stink.FIX THE DA## CONTROLS.Dont you people get it.
Decent game. Lots of glitches. Lots of times where you score and it says no goal. Made me quit on spot. Please fix. Very frustrating.
Dont waste your god damn money on this game. I did and its the worst game in the fukin world. Screw the guy who rote the other comment. He dont know what hes takin about. I hate this game sooo much. I hate it. I hate. It. I HATE THIS GAME SOOO Much. Screw the people who made me waste my money. God!!!!! I hate this game. Dont waste your damn money. You will god dam regret it!!!!!!!!!!
I love this game! I bought it a little tenativly but i thinks its possibly the best app ive bought! The teams are fairly rated well in comparison to the real international clubs. The pitch graphics are the only semi bad thing and not much even. I still cant win in the finale but i enjoy this app alot. (Hint: be brazil, i normaly wouldnt b them but they give u the best shot to win)
This is by far the worst game I ever played. For this price you can buy 2 amazing games…. This game lack playability and terrible graphs make this a must haven’t…. Another drawback is the “lag” in. Remember the old times trying to play online with dial up connection? That is the same feeling…. Do not waste your money here……
The game needs a lot of work! The graphics arent very good. Its really hard and it needs more levels and teams. I would have rather spent my money on a different game but overall it and ok game!